Pleasureboaters "¡gross!" LP DSBR009


Pleasureboaters "¡gross!" LP

Kent and Renton (cities so similar one could scarcely tell the difference) are just two of Seattle's neighboring havens of mediocrity. There grew up Tim Cady, Ricky Claudon, and Erik Baldwin. Each of them cultivated a taste for the absurd and fractured underground music that became comprehensively available during the advent of internet file-sharing programs. They became obsessed with the process of gathering this "new" music that challenged the conventional musicianship learned over a short lifetime of piano lessons, band classes and church choir. In Seattle they reconvened deciding to start a music group- calling the group Pleasureboaters. Over the span of three years they have built an audience and released a full length album. Pleasureboaters have now realized that fame begins with sublimated displays of a self-destructive nature and have used the audience's sensational predisposition for this spectacle to their advantage.

LP is white vinyl and includes digital download

1. State of the Union
2. Elliptical Realism
3. Andalou
4. Cigarette Song
5. Deckhand Paterson
6. Rockpaperscissors
7. Unrivalved Subjectivity
8. Scramble
9. d'Jeff
10. Leopard Print Babyware
11. Cockhair
12. Alt Tuning